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We often think of having massage work done because we deserve some pampering.  Someone told us to go see a chiropractor if you think you are out of alignment. However, massage and chiropractic care can help tackle your health and wellness goals, as well as solve many a physical problem. Did you know that we can help with the following?


Athletes need to be mobile, recover quickly and resolve injuries fast.  We can help with rotator cuff strain, IT band tightness, shin splints, hip flexor issues, knees strain, tennis elbow to name a few.

Recommended therapies:  Muscle release technique, neuromuscular technique, assisted stretching, cupping, chiropractic work.

Recommended therapists:  Mario (bodybuilders, powerlifters, triathletes), Piotr (runners, team sports, sports injury), Mariia (flexibility training), Enelise (Crossfit), Tony (martial arts,) Ewa (recovery and detoxification), Dr. K


Migraines, cluster & tension are common types of headaches.  Massage and chiropractic work can help lessen the pain and tension, decrease the frequency of occurrence and improve rest/recovery.

Recommended therapies: Trigger point therapy, traction, cranio-sacral therapy, ashiatsu, chiropractic care

Recommended therapists: Jacqulyn, Jenny, Erich, Mariia, Dr. K


If you feel a sharp pain on the bottom of your foot/heel especially with your first steps after getting out of bed in the morning, you may be developing plantar fasciitis.  

Recommended therapies: muscle release technique, assisted stretching, reflexology, kinesiotaping.

Recommended therapists: Ewa, Ula, Mariia, Enelise.


Pregnancy brings fast physical changes that are big (every pun intended.) Massage and chiropractic work helps to reduce pain like low back pain and sciatica and prepare you for smoother, easier delivery.   

Recommended therapies: Prenatal massage, cranio-sacral therapy, chiropractic care

Recommended therapists: Ewa, Ula, Jacqulyn (she’s a doula), Dr. K  (ALL RX therapists are trained prenatal therapists, but these three have special insight.)


Sciatica feels like low back pain that travels into your hip and leg -- possibly as far down as the foot.  A spastic piriformis muscle is often involved. We treat it with deep soft tissue work and chiropractic adjustments in combination.

Recommended therapies: deep myofascial release, trigger point therapy, sacral release, passive stretching, chiropractic adjustments.

Recommended therapists: Emily, Tony, Piotr, Mario, Dr. K.


If you own a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop, you probably spend a significant amount of time looking DOWN.  Most of us sit too long. This leads to Sitter’s Syndrome-- tight weak postural muscles that are being trained to pull us forward into a hunched position.  Time to straighten up!,

Recommended therapies: structural integration, sacral release technique, assisted stretching

Recommended therapists: Jacqulyn, Emily, Mariia


It’s tough out there!  Emotional and social stress can create physical tension, slouched posture, fatigue, unrest, and pain. It helps to LET GO to handle stress better.  It also opens the door to creativity.

Recommended therapies:  Reiki, cranio-sacral therapy, ashiatsu

Recommended therapists:  Jenny, Emily, Erich


Grinding your teeth at night, popping/clicking when you move your jaw and headaches with face and head pain can be signs of TMJ issues.  Think alligator or crocodile. It’s a powerful structure worthy of care.

Recommended therapies:  TMJ release, cranio-sacral release, chiropractic adjustments

Recommended therapists:  Jacqulyn, Emily, Jenny, Dr. K


Have you ever woken up one morning unable to turn your head because of pain in your neck and between your shoulder blades?  It’s usually a whopping combination of muscle spasm and misalignment .

Recommended therapies:  deep myofascial work, trigger point therapy, traction, stretching, kinesio-taping, chiropractic adjustments.

Recommended therapists:  Piotr, Erich, Mariia, Enelise, Dr. K


(and other acute injuries):  Acute injuries like whiplash require immediate care to healing properly and with quality.  Bodywork reduces pain and inflammation and muscle spasm to speed recovery.

Recommended therapies:  deep soft tissue release, myofascial release, kinesiotaping, cupping, hot/cold therapy, chiropractic adjustments.

Recommended therapists:  Piotr, Ewa, Ula, Mario, Enelise, Dr. K

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