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We offer services ranging from very Eastern influenced therapy like Asian Restorative Bodywork, Shiatsu, and Reiki and Reflexology to Western/physical therapy inspired bodywork.


Cupping is actually a really old-school therapy dating back to ancient Egypt, China and the Middle-East.  Ewa and Ula were using cupping therapy in Europe before coming to Chicago more than 15 years ago.  This therapy uses special cups placed on the skin to create suction.  It enhances blood flow, gets rid of toxins, reduces pain, and promotes recovery and healing.  Athletes love it for faster recovery.  Others love it because it is great deep work, but not so painful.  Trending right now?  Moving cupping.... really cool.

Therapists: Emily, Ewa, Enelise, Jenny, Ula


This is a modality near and dear to our hearts. We are passionate about supporting professional and amateur athletes while pushing their performance to its optimal expression.  Clients interested in sports massage have an appreciation for the body as a machine and they work with our trained massage therapists to enhance their performance.  Walk away from a session here feeling ready to – well, you name it. Therapists: Piotr, Mario, Enelise, Maria 


Targeted towards alignment of the spine and bones of the skul,; cranio-sacral massage therapists use intentional and purposeful touch to release tension along the sacral base of the spine all the way up to the cranium.  This modality is effective for chronic pain, headaches, stubborn spinal alignment issue,  joint injuries, degenerative disc disease and stress relief. Massage Therapists: Jenny, Jacqulyn, Emily


This bodywork technique based in martial arts works with the body as a whole.  Our trained massage therapist aims deep with quick light touch to promote energetic connection and tension release throughout the body.  Expect a one-of-a-kind experience and enhanced wellness with a deeper understanding of the body.  This highly unique form of bodywork is actually a modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine:  Bodyworker: Tony


Very much a clinical setting the BodyLux Rx prides itself on providing in depth and cohesive care if you've suffered an injury. Injury care massage includes asessment of function and injury along with a customized plan to get you back where you need to be physically. You can come in for care at any point in your injury; our massage therapists that provide injury care massage are clinically trained and proficient in physical therapy modalities. Massage Therapists/Bodyworker: Piotr, Mario, Ewa, Ula, Tony


A combination of mobilization and massage, this form promotes release in chronically tight and painful muscles.  Your therapist employs massage IN stretch positions to change the way your body perceives long vs. short.  Expect increased range of motion and flexibility without the intensity of deep tissue massage.  Massage Therapists: Ula, Ewa, Mariia


This modality speaks for itself.  At the RX, we describe pregnancy as an Olympic event. You need comprehensive and knowledgeable care while you're expecting.  Massage during pregnancy can help with low back pain, neck and shoulder tension and general stress as your pregnancy progresses.  Recieve prenatal massage from 12weeks gestation all the way to delivery! Massage Therapists/Bodyworker: All (but Ewa, Ula, Enelise and Jacqulyn have extra special knowledge and experience.)


This is a modality of massage that works to align structures in the body via the facial system.  It focuses on un-twisting muscle fiber bundles which effect posture and carriage.  When in alignment clients feel lighter and able to move without struggling against gravity.  Sessions can be moderate to intense with occasional movement prompts to help release fascia.  Massage Therapists: Jacqulyn

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