Asian restorative bodywork

is rooted in the restorative healing forms used by martial arts masters and samurais. It uses of forearms and elbows, fingers and palms while tracing many of the body's Asian muscle channels and activating "long-life" acupressure points to increase circulation to skeletal joints. A session is not unlike a combined acupuncture and deep massage treatment--without the needles. It is also the most unique massage form in our practice.

craniosacral therapy

addresses issues with the craniosacral system which is strongly rooted in cerebrospinal fluid flow around the nervous system. This is an extremely gentle, non-invasive therapy in which the therapist works primarily with the bones of the skull and sacrum (tailbone.) Though the list of conditions which can be treated using craniosacral work is extensive, headaches, neck and back pain and TMJ conditions seem to respond well to this style.


uses glass cups and a small pump to create gentle suction which drains excess fluids and toxins stimulates the peripheral nervous system, brings blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin, and loosens adhesions, connective tissue and stubborn knots in soft tissue. It is most often used in conjunction with hands on massage therapy.

is applied on top of an injured or strained area to stabilize it. However, the tape -- because it stretches-- allows the tape, skin and connective tissue (or fascia) over the muscle or tendon to also move, pulling slightly away from the muscle and creating space for lymphatic fluid to flow around and cleanse the inflamed tissue. As a result, strained muscles keep moving so as to improve circulation, reduce pain and speed healing.


increases flexibility and joint mobility with compressions, breathing, and deep muscle release. Simply described, muscles are massaged while in stretched a stretch position which retrains how the body's neurology regarding flexibility. This technique is highly recommended for athletes of all kinds.

Muscle Release Technique

is focused on dealing with the vast and fast physical changes the body goes through in pregnancy which are usually accompanied by a variety of discomforts and even pain. Peri-natal massage can not only relieve discomfort, but enhance the well-being of mother and fetus, facilitate labor, reduce labor times and speed recovery.

pre/post natal massage

is an ancient Chinese-based therapy that uses reflex areas in the feet and hands to stimulate body organs and systems to self-heal and maintain balanced physical function. Though it feels like a glorious foot massage, reflexology has high therapeutic value and purpose for overall health.


enhances the healing effects of relaxation, peace, serenity and well-being as applied to body, mind and spirit through energy. Without a doubt, this is the most relaxing of the therapies we offer. It is our number one recommendation for anyone experiencing the physical effects of stress or anxiety

reiki energy work

is Japanese in origin and based in acupuncture principles. It uses specific pressure points and gentle movement to alleviate pain and promote overall well-being. It is a true healing form. You can expect a complete, effective full body session that is relaxing as well as therapeutic.


is designed to enhance athletic performance and recovery. Pre-event treatment boosts strength and flexibility and supports athletes on training programs. Post-event treatment flushes toxins out of the body, reduces recovery time and allows athletes to resume training faster. Skilled, clinical massage therapy can often improve quality and speed of healing should injury occur

sports massage

is based on the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf and focused on untwisting the myofascial system of ligaments, tendons, muscles and their surrounding connective tissue. The goal is to increase freedom of motion, resiliency and recover from past injury/trauma through the use of different degrees and angles of pressure and stretch. Complete full body restoration involves a ten-session cycle of systematic care.

structural integration

This is a partial list of the many specialty techniques employed by our therapists. We welcome questions regarding other styles of care which may be beneficial to you.